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10 hacks for everyone who wears false eyelashes!

Whether you're a newbie to false lashes or an expert, here's 10 hacks for those who wear falsies! 

1. The drier the glue, the better it will stick! 

2. Wrap your lash strip around a make up brush for a few seconds before applying them. This will add a curve to the strip making it easier for them to take the shape of your eye.

3. Aways cut your lashes to your eye size, this will help them look more natural and make them easier to apply. 

4. If you like full on lashes, try stacking two pairs. Not only will this give them a fuller look, but you can create different styles using this technique!

5. Use tweezers to remove the glue off your eyelash strips, this will ensure they're ready to use again for next time and also allow you to get more wear out of your falsies.

6. Apply extra glue to the ends of the lashes to prevent that dreaded corner from lifting off your eyelid. 

7. Use a Q-Tip and oil free make up remover to take your lashes off rather than pull them off! This will prevent your natural lashes from being pulled off too. 

8. You can make your own individual lashes by cutting your strip lash into segments and applying each segment where you want to. 

9. Invest in an eyelash applicator. 

10. Place your mirror in a position where it allows you to look down. (Flat on a table is ideal) This allows you to place the strip lash as close to your natural lash line as possible. 


And there we have it- 10 hacks for you all to try when applying your false lashes! 


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