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How to apply false eyelashes...

Strip false eyelashes are becoming increasingly popular over the years and now more than ever you'll find there are loads of different styles, designs and materials that they're made of. We often get told many of you would like to wear false eyelashes but just don't know how to apply them, and yes at first they can be a bit fiddly but the more you try the better you will get at it! So we've outlined a few steps on how to apply false eyelashes for all you newbies out there. 

First and foremost, false eyelashes should always be the last step to do when doing your make up! 

You will need to make sure you have the following before you can apply falsies:

Eyelash adhesive, lashes, small cuticle scissors, a mirror and tweezers.

First, you will need to place the lash strip without the glue along your natural lashes to see how they fit. In some cases, lashes can be either too long or too wide so you may need to snip a few lashes off the ends to ensure they don't hang over the edge of your natural lash line. Once thats done, you'll want to apply a small amount of lash glue along the edge of the lash strip and wait 15-20 seconds or so until the glue becomes sticky or 'tacky'. Once thats done, it means the glue is ready to set so you can then place the lash strip as close to your natural lash line as possible. (You can use the tweezers to do this and push the lashes down until the glue sets and your lashes are in place). 

After the lashes are in place, you're all done! You can then add a bit of mascara if you want to depending on the type of false eyelashes you have. In general, mink lashes don't tend to need mascara and it can quite often ruin the lash hairs whereas for those made of human hair you may want to add a bit of mascara to give it that extra volume. 

And that's all it is! We hope this helps all you newbies out there, and just remember practice makes perfect! xo

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