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PRO-Lashes Ultimate Guide to Summer Falsies!

Summer is coming and yes we all know what that means- loads to look forward to, lots of upcoming events planned while the sun will be out (hopefully!) but as with anything the first thing you think of is 'what am I going to wear?!'. Not only can it be difficult to figure out what to wear, but we understand even choosing the right kinds of lashes to wear can be tricky! Especially with all the different styles out there currently! 

So here at PRO-Lashes UK, we've put together a guide to which styles of false lashes you should wear depending on the occasion you have coming up!


If you're looking to wear falsies for a BBQ coming up the last thing you want is for your lashes to be falling off while you're slaving away over a smoky BBQ!  We suggest wearing something natural and chic like our Allure, Enhance, or Cherish. These lashes are perfect for a subtle look yet both lightweight and super comfortable at the same time. These all have a winged edge to give that extra lift to your eyes while still looking really natural.


Whether its your wedding or your best mates, lashes are a MUST to give your eyes extra volume and that extra chic and sophistication! If you want a bit more of a Glam look then why not try any of our false eyelashes from our 3D Glam Collection . These provide a much fuller look providing volume at the root for a more glamorous look. A handy tip for you is to keep a small tube of lash glue in your purse as the last thing you want is that dreaded corner lifting off your eyelid with all that rushing around on the day!


If you're lucky enough to have booked yourself a summer holiday in the sun, sea and sand then we suggest taking a few different styles away with you in your suitcase! You can never be sure of what you'll end up doing while on holiday, whether its just relaxing by the pool, or going out clubbing at night, you might end up needing more than one style of lashes. We suggest taking some natural chic lashes such as either our Admire, Classy, Enhance, Allure for a more relaxing beach holiday. Or those that are a bit more glam such as our Charm, Volumize, Ravish, and Bloom for a holiday where you know you'll end up on a night out every day. All our lashes are really comfortable and can be worn up to 25 times if taken care of so you only need to take one or two with you. Pretty good right?


Going to a concert or festival maybe on the agenda this summer and whilst wearing false eyelashes may not be the first thing you think of as you just want to let your hair down and have a good time not caring how you look, some of you may want to wear a pair so we suggest wearing our Ravish, Charm or Desire to give you a more edgy look to make you stand out from the crowd even more! 

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We hope this short guide helps you all to decide on which types of false eyelashes to buy for your main events this summer! Don't forget to tag us in your pictures on Twitter @pro_lashes or Instagram @pro_lashes_uk to let us know which falsies you went for!

Have a great Summer! xo 


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