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What are our best selling false eyelashes?

We often get asked about what our most popular false eyelashes are so we've put together a quick 2 minute read on our top sellers!

Since the launch, our mink range has been a real success! The main thing that attracts our customers to our lashes is how natural they actually look as they are made of 100% mink. You can read more about what's so good about mink lashes in one of our previous blog posts (you can check it out here)

Wearing false eyelashes has really become very popular and now more than ever people are wanting to buy lashes that they can wear daily as opposed to just on special occasions for a party or going out. This is why our lashes have had a huge success as all our lashes are super light weight and comfortable so that you CAN wear them daily and because they're re-usable up to 25 times its even more of a reason to invest in them.

So you've been wanting to know about our top sellers from our Multilayered Mink Collection and here they are!

First up is, the oh so popular Bloom #105 Mink False EyelashesThese 'spaced out' falsies provide a longer length and make your eyes really stand out, perfect for special occasions and parties!

Next up is our Ravish #112 Mink False Eyelashes. These spiky lashes are perfect for an edgy look with some class and sophistication! Perfect for a day out with the girls or a shopping spree!

And lastly our famous Radiance #111 Mink False Eyelashes are in there with the top sellers! How can they not be? These gorgeous thick and fluffy lashes have been a real hit amongst you lash lovers. Full of layers, yet they look so natural! 

And there you have it! Although these three falsies have been very popular it doesn't necessarily mean its the ones you might go for- after all, each to their own! We just hope this answered your question and hopefully helps you make that decision if you're really not sure what to go for. Don't forget to follow us on our social media sites to see more pictures of our customers wearing our pro-lashes and remember to tag us in your pics so we can feature you on our profile! xo

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Twitter: @pro_lashes

Facebook page: PRO-Lashes UK Ltd 


Photo credit to: Alicia Reynolds @ar_makeupartist wearing our Radiance #111 Mink False Eyelashes. 



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